Peterborough Ice Kats Association takes Pledge

The Peterborough Ice Kats Association (500 members) is proud to support the Sport A Rainbow initiative. 

On November 7th, 2018 I presented to over 20 Peterborough Ice Kats trainers, managers and coaches, the first mandatory Sport A Rainbow "Conversation" about Diversity and Inclusion in Sport. 

My presentation is approximately one hour long and answers the question as to "Why Diversity and Inclusion is Important in Sport?" I also focus on how to use the Pledge as a segway into having the conversation with their team about using gender neutral language, why hateful speech is harmful and why it is import to be kind and respectful with the words that you use. I do this by sharing personal stories of my coming out and introducing my 5 year old niece whom has Down Syndrome.

Thank you to the Peterborough Ice Kats Executive for recognizing the importance of having their athletes, coaches, trainers and support staff take the Sport A Rainbow Pledge. All players will be placing the Sport A Rainbow Logo on their helmets.  

If you would like your organization to show their support of Diversity & Inclusion in Sport, please contact Rose Powers at to set up your Sport A Rainbow Training.