Sport A Rainbow is a reminder to be supportive, respectful and kind to each other in spite of our differences. This support can be shown in your everyday life at school, work, extracurricular activities and certainly in the sporting community.

According to Statistics Canada:

  • There are 500 suicides a year involving youth aged 10-24. (Statistics Canada)
  • 33% of LGB youth have attempted suicide in comparison to 7% of youth in general (Saewyc 2007).
  • 68% of trans students, 55% of LB students and 42% of GB students reported being verbally harassed about their perceived gender identity or sexual orientation.
  • Over half of GLB students (47% of GB males and 73% of LB females) have thought about suicide (Eisenberg & Resnick, 2006).

We at Sport A Rainbow are passionate about sports. Some of our best and longest lasting friendships have come from being involved in the sporting community. We want to share our passion for life and sports with youth in all communities no matter who you are or who you identify as.

How can we help?

  • By using our website to provide links to agencies and/or organizations that can help both youth and adults
  • Our goal is to encourage sport and youth organizations to place a “Sport A Rainbow” sticker on every helmet or team uniform. This will act as a reminder to all participants that even though they are in intense competition, they can be respectful of their teammates or opponents right to be treated without judgment in regards to who they identify as
  • We would like businesses, sports fields and arenas to publicly display the Sport A Rainbow Pledge in order to show their support of Inclusion for all in Sports. 

Our hope is by helping a young person be a part of a sporting environment that supports inclusion, together we may provide them with what they need most to be successful in life….self esteem, confidence, friends and support.

Important Links:

Kids Help Phone Main Line & Texting 

Kids Help Phone - Indigenous Youth Support 

Kids Help Phone - LGBTQ2S

It Gets Better

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